Beat is dedicated to extending yours or your child's knowledge and understanding of an instrument, the singing voice, or general musicianship. So, what's the Beat approach?




*Meet and greet with world class, professional musicians



*Highly productive mentoring


*CRB checked


*Many styles of music taught


*Less than the price of childcare!


*Team building


*Confidence building


*Nervous/shy pupils particularly welcome!


*Amazing results!


*Feel free to drop us an email for prices and details!


*Why not have a listen to the latest performance from the pupils of our most recent acapella course!




*Or watch us in action!







Click on the player below to hear Round Every Corner. Ellen H, 11, wrote this beautiful song under the guidance of a Beat tutor and renowned singer/songwriter  on our two day Songcraft course. She then went on to record it two days later at our Studio Experience day! We love this!








Here's another chance to sample the result of our Studio Experience Day held this month, and as a conclusion to the music school held at the end of October. The bass guitar is provided by Dylan J, whilst the the guitar and backing vocals are provided by a professional musician and co course tutor for this event, along with a renowned sound engineer. George B, is the main vocalist, and the rap, also by George, is brilliantly executed and the lyrics were written by himself, in an alarmingly quick time!






Check out George in action!